Parents Television Council turns its sights on animated comedies

South Park{jcomments off}The Parents Television Council in America has turned its attention towards animated shows such as South Park and Family Guy which supposedly has “shocking” levels of adult content.

The lobby group has conducted a study of animated comedies such as South Park and seems surprised that these shows contain adult themes. The PTC launched a high profile campaign against MTV’s remake of teen-drama Skins taking offence to the sexual content and drug taking within the drama. More recently the PTC has turned its attention towards The Playboy Club, a forthcoming NBC drama which has also fallen foul of the lobbyists.

However, the PTC has seemingly found the time, when it hasn’t been calling for a boycott of The Playboy Club, to discover that animation has moved on quite a lot in recent times and some comedies are even aimed at adults – not children! How shocking! Animation aimed at adults with adult content!

Amongst the gems released by the PTC about its study on cartoons are “There is now more sexual content on these cartoons than violence.” and “Our data demonstrates that today’s norm is profanity-laden storylines involving everything from rape and cocaine to STDs and crystal meth.”

Well what do they expect when they tune into episodes of American Dad, Family Guy and King of the Hill? They are, after all, quite clearly targeted at adults and are on at a time when its reasonable to assume youngsters aren’t watching. Though given the PTC’s strong stance against Skins and now The Playboy Club its hardly surprising they’ve also taken against various animated comedies and to be fair to it they’ve had issues with some of them in the past. It’s as though they’ve suddenly rediscovered the likes of South Park.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter. Quotes taken from The Hollywood Reporter article)