Steven Moffat avoids reading about Doctor Who online

Steven Moffat{jcomments on}Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has said he avoids reading about the show online since he took over as producer and head-writer.

Speaking at the screening for Let’s Kill Hitler at the British Film Institute on the South Bank in London the writer was asked what he thought about fans’ analysis of the show.

!It’s nice but we’re not that aware of it, unless you go online which I don’t do anymore. You know I’m sure there is lots of analysis and general anger. I used to go online when Russell was writing it and see what they said about him so I thought when it’s my time I’m just not going on.” – Steven Moffat quoted on The Mirror.

Doctor Who fans are notoriously defensive about their favourite sci-fi show and can be quick to sound off about changes/episodes/characters/anything they don’t like. It is something that every producer of Doctor Who has faced in their own but the rise of the internet has allowed fans to come together unlike anything before. So perhaps its hardly surprising given the defensive and passionate nature of some Doctor Who fans that the Moffat avoids going on such sites and forums – after all we can all remember the huge backlash from some fans over the new look Daleks or the new opening titles/theme.