Cathy Come Home to be released on DVD

Cathy Come Home{jcomments on}The 1960s drama Cathy Come Home, which lead to the foundation of the homeless charity Shelter, is to be released on DVD.

The drama was part of BBC One’s The Wednesday Play strand which was well known for tackling a wide range of social issues. The Wednesday Play ran 1964 to 1970 with Cathy Come Home being broadcast in 1966. The drama starred Ray Brooks and Carol White as a couple who fall into a life of poverty and later end up on the streets when Reg (Brooks) loses his well-paid job. The drama was about how people fall through the cracks in the ineffective system at the end time and end up on the streets and homeless through no fault of their own.

Cathy Come Home was directed by Ken Loach and utilised the documentary style of filming with hand-held cameras to give the piece a more realistic feel. It is an early example of dramas using the documentary style of filming – something that in more recent decades has become more common. The play was watched by 12 million people and raised questions which wider society had preferred to ignore. It is often credited – rightly or wrongly – with paving the way for the foundation of the charity Shelter which still operates today.

Cathy Come Home will be released on DVD on 5th September.