The Hour writer Abi Morgan planning for second season

Dominic West{jcomments on}Abi Morgan, writer and creator of The Hour, is planning for a second season of the BBC Two drama.

The penultimate episode of The Hour aired on BBC Two last night; the series revolves around a 1950s news-room at the BBC and the first series has had a conspiracy story running throughout it. The first series has also concentrated on the Suez Crisis of the 1950s and the impact it had on the journalists and how they covered the story. Abi Morgan has hinted she is keen to explore other historical events of the 1950s in future seasons.

“When I decided to explore big historical events, I was really interested in the launch of Sputnik, the birth of CND the anti-nuclear movement, and also the kind of racial tensions Anna Chancellorthat were happening near ’58 in Notting Hill. I liked the idea of a fusion of three very different sorts of news stories of the time.” –
Abi Morgan speaking to Assignment X

The Hour stars Romola Garai, Ben Whishaw, Dominic West, Anna Chancellor and Anton Lesser. It had met with a mixed reception from critics and while it launched with an impressive 3 million viewers ratings have since dropped with last night’s episode attracting 1.5 million viewers. However, final figures released by BARB have pushed ratings higher than initially reported by overnight figures for most of the episodes.

The Hour concludes next Tuesday on BBC Two and launches tonight on BBC America.