Complete series boxset of On The Buses to be released

On The Buses{jcomments on}The complete series boxset of the classic LWT comedy series On The Buses is to be released on DVD later this year.

The comedy series was created by Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney who had previously created The Rag Trade and Meet the Wife for the BBC. The duo offered On The Buses to the BBC who turned it down so they took it to LWT who picked up the series. The comedy starred Reg Varney, Bob Grant, Anna Karen, Michael Robbins, Doris Hare and Stephen Lewis. It ran on ITV between 1969 and 1973 for seven series totalling 74 episodes.

The complete series boxset contains all seven seasons of On The Buses as well as the three big-screen movies; On The Buses, Mutiny on the Buses and Holiday on the Buses. The first movie, released in 1971, was a huge hit at the British Box Office topping the James Bond film of that year, Diamonds are Forever. The boxset also contains the short-lived spin-off series Don’t Drink the Water that ran from 1974 to 1975.

Don’t Drink the Water starred Stephen Lewis as Blakey and Pat Coombs as his sister Dorothy.

On The Buses: The Complete Series will be released on DVD on 19th September