Elisabeth Sladen autobiography to be published

Elisabeth SladenElisabeth Sladen, best known for her role of Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, will have her autobiography published later this year.

The actress died from cancer in April sending shockwaves through the Doctor Who fan community. Actors such as David Tennant and Matt Smith led the tributes to Sladen with the BBC producing a special tribute programme to the actress and the first episode of the sixth season, The Impossible Astronaut, being dedicated to her.

Sladen was working on her autobiography, telling the story of her career on stage and screen, and had completed a draft version before her illness prevented her from finishing it. With the support of Brian Miller, Sladen’s husband, and her daughter Sadie the book will now be published by Aurum and will be released on 7th November.

(via SFX)