Kerry fails ‘Diva’ task, three housemates face eviction

Kerry failed her Diva task today, and her punishment was to pick two fellow housemates to join her to face first eviction.

Yesterday Kerry was set a task to convince her fellow housemates that she was the biggest diva in the house. Kerry had a number of missions set by Big Brother, the main one throwing a tantrum. Today the housemates had to vote for who they thought was the biggest diva. All of the housemates, apart from Kerry, chose Jedward.

During the live show tonight, housemates were informed of the task and Kerry was delivered her punishment. She will be facing eviction and had to choose two other housemates to join her. Kerry hesitated over who to chose and was pushed by Big Brother to come to a final decision. She chose Bobby and Sally. All three will now face the public vote ahead of the first eviction next Friday.

At the end of tonight’s show Brian announced that a famous billionaire will be paying them a flying visit over the weekend. Tonight was the first time we got to see the new changes to the way the highlights are packaged. They included incidental music and their names appearing on screen, reminiscent to The Only Way Is Essex.