Sky has too much control over pay-TV movie rights

SkyA report by the Competition Commission is reportedly to conclude that BSkyB is has too much control over pay-TV movie rights.

BSkyB’s dominant position in the pay-TV market for movie rights is restricting competition leading to higher prices and less choice for consumers the Competition Commission has provisionally ruled. The commission is now considering whether to restrict the number of Hollywood movies that Sky has have the exclusive rights to air first in the UK. Sky has the most subscribers in the pay-tv market and currently has deals with several major Hollywood studios allowing it to premier films first in the UK. These deals and Sky’s large subscriber base mean rivals are “unable to successfully bid against Sky for these rights”.

“If things stay as they are, we see no likely prospect of change.” – Laura Carstensen

Sky has said “We note that the Competition Commission’s findings remain provisional and have been issued for consultation. We will continue to engage with the Competition Commission during the on-going regulatory process.”

A final ruling is due next year.