Celebrity Big Brother loses 2 million viewers

Kerry KatonaFriday evening’s edition of Celebrity Big Brother saw 2 million fewer viewers return in an all too predictable ratings drop for the reality television series.

The new series of Celebrity Big Brother launched on Channel Five on Thursday evening with an impressive 5.1 million viewers as the likes of Kerry Katona and Amy Childs were revealed as this year’s housemates. Launch shows always generate huge interest with subsequent editions always seeing drop in ratings. On Friday evening Celebrity Big Brother attracted 3.2 million viewers at 9pm for Channel Five. That is still a very impressive rating for Channel Five but interesting the broadcasters owner, Richard Desmond, recently stated he wouldn’t want the series to drop below 3 million viewers so says Digital Spy. On the second edition the reality television series came dangerously close to that and now the question is will Celebrity Big Brother see its ratings drop even further?