Praise pours in for Sky News’ Libya coverage

Sky News has been trending worldwide on Twitter, with many praising their coverage of the Libya conflict.

Alex Crawford’s live reporting last night attracted a large following online as she reported on the road with the rebels who were heading to the capital of Libya, Tripoli.

Just after midnight her team made it to Green Square in the capital, broadcasting live scenes of celebration and gunfire. The scenes were also broadcast on sister network Fox News, and recorded pictures picked up by CNN.

BBC News appeared to slow on the uptake of what was happening, struggling to get any live pictures. Correspondent Matthew Price is based at a hotel in the capital, but security issues made it hard for him and other reporters to broadcast safely.

At the height of the coverage, Alex Crawford was trending worldwide on Twitter, many praising her brave reporting along with her team. Alex has been part of the Sky News team since the channel’s launch in 1989, picking up numerous awards along the way.