Showtime set to adapt The Damned

ShowtimeShowtime is set to adapt the comic The Damned with David Hayter at the helm of the adaptation.

The Damned ran for 2006 in a five-issue mini-series and now it is set to come to television in an adaptation by David Hayter for the American broadcaster Showtime, reports Deadline. Hayter wrote the screen-plays for X-Men, its sequel X-Men 2 and Watchmen along with The Scorpion King – a spin-off movie in The Mummy franchise. The less said about The Scorpion King the better though.

The Damned centres on a Eddie, a man cursed to be resurrected every time dies. However, his resurrection takes a different form from Captain Jack (John Barrowman) of Torchwood. For Eddie to be resurrected from death someone has to touch him while he’s dead and then they will die of his wounds or whatever killed him.

The comic was originally set during the prohibition (late 1920s/early 1930s America), for the Showtime version it will be modernised, and dealt with Eddie’s battles with demonic mob bosses to regain his soul. The comics were written by Cullen Bunn and art by Brian Hurrtt.  As yet there are no further details on the project other than it’ll have Eric Gitter and Warren Littlefield as executive producers.

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