Over 6 million watch return of Doctor Who

Doctor Who{jcomments on}The return of Doctor Who to BBC One last night for its second half of season six saw over 6 million viewers tune in for Let’s Kill Hitler.

Doctor Who returned from its mid-season break with an episode set in 1938 Berlin as the time-travellers accidentally saved Hitler (Albert Welling) from being killed by a time-travelling robot. Things were further complicated by the presence of a newly regenerated and homicidal River Sing/Melody Pond (Alex Kingston) who tried to kill the Doctor (Matt Smith) and was then perused through Nazi Berlin by parents Rory (Arthur Darvill) and Amy (Anna Karen).

Let’s Kill Hitler performed well for BBC One, kicking off at 7.10pm, with an average of 6.2 million viewers of which an impressive 1 million watched on the BBC One HD channel. Doctor Who was one of the most watched programmes of the week. Final figures, released in just over a week, will see the episodes ratings rise even higher as those who recorded Let’s Kill Hitler and watched later will be taken into account.

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