ABC developing new Witch series

ABC is developing a new series revolving around Witches with Jason Richman, creator of cop-drama Detroit 1-8-7, writing the proposed series.

Wicked Good centres on a “family of witches, soldiers in an eternal battle between good and evil, which is dispatched to suburban Orange County, where they must root out dark “ reports Deadline. Richman is writing the project and will also be executive producer alongside David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman. ABC will be hoping that Wicked Good will succeed where Eastwick failed. The 2009 comedy/drama, based on the novel The Witches of Eastwick, failed to attract big numbers for ABC and the series was quickly cancelled amidst criticisms the network had failed to advertise Eastwick properly.

Wicked Good
isn’t the only witch related series currently in development as CBS is developing a remake of sitcom Bewitched. Then there’s The CW’s forthcoming series The Secret Circle which revolves around witches; its based on the range of novels by L.J Smith who also wrote The Vampire Diaries which has also been turned into a television series and heavily features witches amongst its supernatural line-up.