Jonathan Ross criticises the Daily Mail

Jonathan Ross has criticised tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail and branded its journalists ‘hypocrites’ and ‘insincere’.

Ross made a scathing attack on the middle-class tabloid and its journalists in an interview with Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 Live. The interview was ahead of his new chat-show’s launch on ITV1 on Saturday and Ross predicted the tabloid had ‘already written’ its review and would just ‘fill in the details around it”. The Daily Mail has been notable critical of Ross for some years routinely criticising his salary during his time at the BBC.

It’s sister paper, the Mail on Sunday, was responsible for whipping up the frenzy surrounding ‘sachs-gate’ in which Ross and comedian Russell Brand left lewd messages on the answering machine of the actor Andrew Sachs – the Daily Mail kept up the campaign over sachs-gate’ resulting in thousands of complaints to the BBC by the tabloids readers.

Therefore its hardly surprising that Ross has hit back at the tabloid and its journalists. In the interview with Richard Bacon he said the paper was of the opinion “We don’t like it, no one likes it” and ‘If you are not upsetting the Daily Mail you are doing something wrong. They are the most noxious human beings, the people who write for the Daily Mail”. He said of the journalists on the paper ‘they are hypocrites and insincere and they have got their own reasons for doing stuff.’

Ross isn’t the only high profile person to have criticised the Daily Mail of late. American actress Eliza Dushku, best known for her roles in Dollhouse and Buffy, wrote an open letter to the tabloid slamming it for an article it wrote on the actress Hayden Panettiere.

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