Domino's Pizza plans Restaurant on the Moon

Moon Landings - NASAIt may well sound like an April Fools but  Domino’s Pizza is reporting planning to outdo its rivals Pizza Hut by opening a Restaurant on the Moon!

The Daily Telegraph ran a report on Thursday claiming that Domino’s Japanese arm is planning to open a branch on the Moon in the near future! Unsurprisingly the cost of opening such a venue on Earth’s nearest galactic neighbour is considerable – over £13 billion reports the Daily Telegraph. That’s a hefty sum of money but given the complexities of building a restaurant on the Lunar Surface – some hundred thousand miles away or more – its not likely to actually happen. After all surely the first Lunar structures to be built will be research bases rather than Pizza houses.

It’s also been several decades since man step foot on the surface of the Moon and although technology has advanced a lot since then there’s still a number of barriers to overcome in reaching the Moon. NASA does plan to return to the Lunar Surface, in manned missions, within the next decade or two if funding is there – it could be longer before man steps foot on the Moon once again.

The possibility of a Pizza restaurant on the Moon sounds like something straight out of science-fiction and given its prominence in the night surprise our satellite has featured heavily in science fiction stories. The Moon has featured a number of times in Doctor Who; in was the location of a Weather Control station, a T-MAT relay station, a Penal Colony and more recently a University where River Song (Alex Kingston) enrolled. Moonbase 3 and Space 1999 were both set on the Moon while UFO also featured the moon. In Star Trek: First Contact its noted that several million people lived on the Moon in the 24th century while in The Sarah Jane Adventures UNIT apparently had a base there.