Celebrity Big Brother: Week Two Highlights

ATV Today takes a look back at some of last week’s Celebrity Big Brother highlights.


ATV Today takes a look back at some of last week’s Celebrity Big Brother highlights.

Day 12


Housemates wake up to no hot water as a punishment due to Tara and Bobby’s nominations rule break. Jedward come up with a plan to pour shower gel on themselves first and jump in the pool. Darryn tells them off and tells Pamela to keep an eye on them.


All of the men, excluding Jedward, are working out in the gym while Pamela is alone in the garden.  Lucien comes to the diary room to talk about Tara and nominating. He has realised that Tara influences people and regrets nominating Darryn. On the nominations rule break, he says it’s made him question who his friends are. He then does an impression of Darryn’s reaction to the hot water ban.


Pamela talks to Kerry about her tan whilst Tara talks to Bobby in the kitchen about their rule break. When she tries to finish the conversation, Bobby gets annoyed, saying that Tara only wants to talk through things on her terms.


Jedward are customising their t-shirts with scissors.  In the garden, Darryn is talking to Paddy, asking him questions about his past as a bare knuckle fighter.  Paddy says that he regrets that part of his past.


In the kitchen, Amy cooks scrambled eggs for the first time in her life. Tara comes to the diary room to reflect on nominations, revealing her concerns that Lucien is beginning to avoid her when they used to be very close.  On the sofas, Lucien and Kerry are talking, getting cosy together.


Housemates are gathered on the sofas. On the plasma screen, American movie stars Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse introduce today’s movie themed task, announcing that the housemates can win tickets to see their latest movie, Fright Night. The task consists of housemates going head to head in a garlic-eating competition.


Housemates are gathered on the sofas for the results of yesterday’s nominations. Big Brother reveals that Pamela and Darryn will face the public vote.  Darryn says he’s happy and Pamela comments “Thanks guys!” All housemates seem shocked and Paddy looks upset.  Lucien and Kerry go to the bedroom to discuss the results.  Kerry says she is shocked and Lucien isn’t happy.


Bobby tries to stop the bedroom door from creaking by pouring cooking oil over it and Darryn and Paddy notice how quiet the house has gone saying that the nominations have dampened the mood in the house. In the garden, Pamela suggests to Kerry that she had previously said there was bad morale in the house. Kerry reacts and confronts her about this, going back into the house leaving Pamela alone in the garden.


Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Anton Yelchin make a guest appearance in the house to reveal the winners of the task. Jedward tells Chris “you’re so cool” greeting them both. They give tickets out to the winners of the garlic task – Tara, Bobby, Paddy, Pamela and John.  Christopher and Anton have one more ticket to give away to whoever eats an extra garlic treat set. Edward eats it, and then runs to bathroom to retch.  The winning housemates enter the large task room, which has been dressed as a cinema, full of people in skeleton outfits and settle down to watch the film.


The winning housemates are watching the movie whilst Jedward is throwing popcorn.  Kerry and Lucien are talking in the garden, whilst Darryn and Amy are on the sofas talking about Lucien. Darryn says that he suspects that Lucien nominated him.


When the winning housemates return from the movie, Paddy seems furious with Jedward, saying that they were being ridiculous when they were messing around during the film.  He goes to the diary room where he reveals that he’s finding it hard in the Big Brother house and found watching the film ridiculous and uncomfortable. He doesn’t normally associate himself with these kind of people and is struggling to mix with ‘country folk’ when he is so used to his traveller lifestyle.  He also reveals that he is missing his wife a lot.


Lucien and Darryn are in the bedroom and Lucien asks if they can go and have a chat outside.  Kerry and Amy are left in bedroom when they leave and both say how awkward that exchange was.  Amy says “it’s awkward, I don’t like it”.  When Lucien and Darryn talk on the sofa, Lucien says that he felt certain housemates getting in his head and influencing him.  He says that he is ashamed to have been such a sheep and implies heavily to Darryn that he nominated him and apologises for it.  Darryn is grateful for this positive step and tells Lucien not to be swayed or manipulated.  He says that this is Lucien’s chance to become a man and tells Lucien not to worry about his mistake; he holds no grudge.  They hug.

Day 13

Housemates wake up to the second day without hot water in the house.  Tara and Pamela are talking about Darryn in the garden and Tara says that he has an influence over the house that gets in people’s heads.  She also tells Pamela that she nominated Darryn.  Tara later goes into the diary room and talks about the dynamics of the house saying that everyone is paranoid as a result of Darryn’s influence.  She calls Darryn a “leader of the pack”.

Meanwhile, Jedward, Pamela and Amy are getting ready in the bedroom.  When she notices that Amy is wearing the same top that she was planning to wear, Pamela imitates Amy’s “Shut up!” catchphrase and they laugh.

In the garden, Darryn is talking to Jedward about fame and the idea of celebrity.  Darryn says that success comes from “loving what you do” and praises the boys for being “extremely creative children”.  He says that they have a 60s feel about them and will go far whilst implying that, like some of his fellow housemates, some people are just “famous for being famous”.

Later the housemates are gathered on the sofas and Big Brother tells them that some of them have broken the rules again and have been talking about nominations.  Big Brother announces that as a result of this further rule break, the hot water will remain off and there will be no electricity to the hairdryers or straighteners.  Paddy says that “it’s just a game!” whilst Jedward say “don’t worry about our hair!”

Amy goes to the diary room and says that she is worried that the house won’t be the same with people arguing.  She says that people aren’t getting on and wishes “why can’t we just all get on?”

In the afternoon, the Double Trouble task begins and Head Twins, Jedward, announce what pairs the housemates will be put in.  It is decided that Paddy and Kerry will join to become Perry, Amy and Tara will become Amara, Bobby and Pamela will become Pambob and Darryn and Lucien will become Darluc.  When he hears that he will have to dress as Pamela’s twin, Bobby says “why have I always got to wear a dress?!”

When the housemates are in their pairs and dressed up, Jedward quiz the ‘twins’ on each other to see how well they are getting on.

When Jedward later go to the diary room, they choose Amara and Perry as their favourite set of twins.

The successful pairs of twins, Amara and Perry take part in the final part of the Double Trouble task as they go head-to-head in a ‘Ultimate twin torture test’.  To see how in tune they are with each other, both Amara and Perry are blindfolded and have to guess the strange implement that Jedward touch their fellow twin with.

Paddy was slapped with a wet fish and Kerry guess correctly.  Kerry was then hit with an inflatable hammer and Paddy guessed correctly.  Amy was tickled with a feather duster and Tara guessed this correctly however Amy didn’t guess that Tara was custard-pied in the face and as a result, Amara lose the title of ‘Ultimate Twins’ and Perry win.

In the living room, Jedward are teaching Bobby how to do a handstand.  Darryn, Amy and Kerry are talking in the garden and Amy tells Darryn that she doesn’t want him to be evicted.  She says that she sees Darryn as a Dad figure in the house and that people “listen to” him.

Later on, Pamela is in the garden telling Lucien and Bobby stories about her past.  She says that she almost died eight years ago.  Bobby and Lucien seem to spark each other off and both start giggling about the way Pamela tells some of her stories, acting mischievously.  Lucien can’t take it and runs inside, returning to apologise for laughing but then says he is going to bed.

Day 16


Last night Jedward did a trolley dash in a local supermarket. The twins returned to the Big Brother house at 3am. The alarm has been ringing for 15 minutes. Kerry and Paddy are in the living area. Paddy surveys the mess and is not pleased. “They got some really good stuff Pad”, Kerry reassures him. In the garden Darryn tells housemates that Jedward: “Bought more eggs than John Prescott ever had thrown at him!”  


Jedward are in bed, ignoring the alarm. In the living area, Darryn continues to discuss the shopping. He begins to clear away the numerous packets of sweets adding. “Jesus bloody hell, look at all this s**t, unbelievable”.


Bobby and Lucien are eating breakfast in the kitchen, they talk about the shopping. Bobby defends Jedward’s efforts adding: “I think Kerry would have got rubbish too”. One of the Jedwards is in the garden, Darryn asks him about the supermarket: “Did they not have a meat area?” Jedward says that they did not have time to find one: “We got two lamb legs though”, he says.


Jedward are strutting there stuff in the bedroom. Big Brother calls Amy to the diary room for a special task. Amy finds her beautician uniform and kit on the chair and gets excited. Big Brother tells her that she must vajazzle her fellow housemates in order to receive a special prize. Most of the housemates are in the garden. Amy comes out and relays her special task to them.  Paddy laughs and says: “That’s not happening to me”, adding: “There’s no touching the Concorde, no one’s touching the lizard”.  Amy gets to work. Darryn is unsure but Amy says she will vajazzle his upper arm instead of his lower region: “You can have sexy scattered”, she tells him. Paddy also has one on his arm. Amy says: “A cross, brilliant, cos you love Jesus and everything”. Bobby opts to have the name Amy. Later in the dairy room he tells Big Brother that he will now have to find a girl called Amy to justify his vajazzle.


Most of the housemates are relaxing in the garden. Jedward are in the living area, eating sweets. Tara joins them and says that she is a “little nervous” about tonight but the boys reassure her.


In the garden, Jedward are gripped by vajazzle mania and sing an ode to the beauty treatment. Amy is sunbathing. She asks the twins to collect her beauty kit and they retrieve it from the bedroom. The twins return to the garden and start to vajazzle Amy.  Later in the diary room Jedward tells Big Brother; “Amy trusted us there, down below, it’s the best thing we’ve done since we got here”.
Kerry also speaks to Big Brother about the twins: “This is like a wet dream for them.  They got to vajazzle Amy Childs!” Amy commented later: “Who would have thought, Jedward vajazzling me”.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Amy asks Lucien how he is feeling about tonight’s eviction. He alludes to the fact that he may be evicted: “I’m in with some amazing people with stories to tell. I don’t expect to go any further”. The housemates reassure him Jedward mimic him and say: “You’re 19 ok, good looking…”, and mention that lots of girls will vote for him.


Housemates are gathered on the sofa for the result of this week’s eviction. Brian announces that Tara is the third housemate to leave the Big Brother house. She says her goodbyes then leaves. Throughout the evening, housemates come to the diary room to share their thoughts on the eviction.  Kerry is happy that Lucien survived the eviction: “I love that guy, we’ve got such a good bond”. Amy says that she thought Bobby would have gone.  Bobby confesses: “I cocked it up, big time” referring to his first week in the house.  


Big Brother congratulates the remaining housemates on making it into the final week. As a reward, Big Brother has provided housemates with champagne and cigarettes. Big Brother plays Cee-Loo Green’s, Forget You into the house and the housemates cheer and dance. Paddy laughs as he sprays champagne over the house and housemates.


Jedward are in the bathroom making wig out of bubble bath. Bobby is in the diary room, he tells Big Brother that he is “shocked” to still be in the house. Some of the housemates are in the garden, talking about Bobby. Darryn says that Bobby and Tara were joined at the hip, “they were staring at each other all night”. Amy says that Bobby is “gorgeous” but says that she doesn’t “fancy” him. “I think it’s the way he talks” Kerry adds. Darryn tells them that Bobby is “vindictive” and mentions what Bobby did to him adding: “I forgave him once, that was my mistake”.


Jedward are in the kitchen eating yogurt and pretending to be on motorcycles.
Amy, Lucien, Kerry and Darryn are drinking in the garden. Kerry hugs Lucien and Amy asks: “Why don’t you get off with each other?” Kerry shouts: “He’s 19, I’ll be locked up!”


Amy and Lucien are re-enacting the famous dance scene from the film Dirty Dancing. He holds Amy in the air then she ends up straddling him. Kerry comments: “I need a wee”, and walks off to the toilet in the garden. Lucien follows and goes in with her. Kerry is heard to ask Lucien if he fancies Amy and admits to being “really drunk”. Lucien says that he is “not arsed about Amy”. A kiss is heard and Lucien leaves the toilet adding: “have a nice wee”. He runs straight to Amy and pushes his body against her suggestively.


In the bedroom, Bobby and Jedward stack mattresses on top of one of Jedward’s bed. Kerry, Lucien, Darryn and Amy are in the smoking area drinking. Kerry goes off to bed and warns: “No hanky-panky.” At the door to the house she poses and calls: “Lucien, I’m waiting!”, then laughs and goes inside. Amy accuses Lucien of fancying Kerry. He tells her that he loves Kerry to bits but: “I’d rather be mates”. Lucien leaves the smoking area for a short while and Darryn hints to Amy that he will make himself scarce. Amy tells him that Lucien is not her type. Lucien returns and Amy bluntly asks: “Do you fancy me?” Lucien admits that he is starting too adding: “I’m actually starting to appreciate you as a person”.  Amy accuses him of “playing me and Kerry, it’s a joke!”


Kerry is asleep in the bedroom. Lucien, Darryn and Amy are still at the smoking area. Lucien admits that he would love to go out with Amy but she says that she is “sick to death” of Lucien, playing all the women in the house. He asks her if she fancies him. “Big time” replies Amy.


Amy says that she is going to bed but Darryn interrupts and says that he will go first. Amy moves towards Lucien and kisses him on both cheeks before collapsing on him. She appears to fall asleep with her head in Lucien’s lap. Lucien sits still and looks uncomfortable. Darryn finishes his glass of wine gives Lucien the thumbs up before going off to bed.

After a few moments Lucien says “Let’s go to bed”. Amy stumbles towards the door and asks Lucien to pick her up. He doesn’t. In the living area Amy is about to enter the bedroom but Lucien grabs her from behind and playfully pulls her to the ground. They noisily enter the bedroom and all the other housemates are in bed. Amy runs towards Lucien then jumps up and straddles him. He moves her towards his bed but Amy goes to her own. Lucien follows her and they get under the duvet together.

Kerry wakes up and leaves the bedroom. She goes into the kitchen and starts snacking.

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