Sky reveal Glee series three details

It has become a pop culture phenomenon around the world, however in the UK it’s a new era as Glee moves from Channel 4 to Sky 1.


Sky today released details of the third series which will air later this month. Glee is set at the McKinley High School and  follows teacher Will Schuester – actor  Matthew Morrison – as he tries to inspire a group of diverse teenagers who have signed up to be part of the school’s show choir, New Directions.

Viewers last saw New Directions head to New York for Nationals, where they failed to rank in the top ten and as they return to McKinley High, Will sets his sights on re-launching the choir with new talent. He set about on a recruitment.

The aspiring stars of New Directions returning for a new term include Rachel and Kurt who, inspired by their Broadway experience, set their sights on colleges, only to discover they aren’t as uniquely talented as they had always assumed. Finn, who still finds himself the target of Slushee facials compliments of the school’s hockey team and Quinn, who quits the Glee Club and falls in with a considerably darker crowd. Powerhouse diva Mercedes, will start the new term with a new love interest in the shape of Marcus, a McKinley Titans’ linebacker.

Completing the chorus line are Artie, Tina, Puck and last season’s newest recruit, Lauren.

Hampering Will’s musical ambitions at every turn is nemesis, Sue Sylvestre, the conniving cheerleading coach of The Cheerios, who this season takes her anti-Glee campaign to a whole new level as she runs for Congress on a ‘no arts’ platform – to put a stop to glee clubs nationwide, not just the New Directions.

Brittany and Santana return to the Cheerios, with Santana discovering she has a new and surprising adversary in the form of Beckey.

Glee will air on Sky 1 HD from Thursday 22nd September with UK episodes airing just days after its US broadcast.