Celebrity Big Brother: Week Three Highlights

The final look back at this years reality sensation, Celebrity Big Brother – including the final which saw a big fat gypsy winner with Paddy Doherty crowned the star of CBB 2011.

The final look back at this years reality sensation, Celebrity Big Brother – including the final which saw a big fat gypsy winner with Paddy Doherty crowned the star of CBB 2011.

Day 18


Darryn is the first housemate to get up. He tidies the house. In the diary room Darryn talks to Big Brother about the mess in the house. “If my mum walked in here she’d be pretty disgusted,” he says.


Housemates have been allowed a Sunday morning lie-in. Darryn, Kerry and Paddy are in the garden, talking favourably about Lucien. Paddy claims that Lucien has grown while being in the house: “He’s learned more now than he ever has in his whole life.” Kerry says that Lucien is an “all rounder, a geek, but smart.”  The conversation turns to Amy’s rapport with Lucien. Kerry comments: “The tension between them is massive.” Darryn ends by saying: “Mumbles will forget about that as soon as they leave the house.”


Despite having a lie-in, Jedward have trouble getting motivated. Amy, Kerry, Lucien and Paddy are still lounging in the garden. They talk about Kerry’s mum and Amy says: “Your mum had a hard life,” and mentions that her own mother is very “protective” of her. Kerry tells them her “mum went off the rails when I split up with Bryan.” She tells the group that her mum is now “in a good place.”


The male housemates are inspired by Darryn’s efforts and are tidying up the rest of the house. In the diary room Paddy talks to Big Brother about Amy: “The only thing that girl does is her hair, the girl does nothing!” Paddy says that it takes Amy three hours to get ready, “if she’s working fast.”   Later in the diary room Amy talks about her beauty regime and mentions her top five tips.  She says that her advice for Paddy would be to “moisturise” while Jedward should “spray tan.”


Jedward and Amy are in the bathroom, talking about marriage. “If I met the right guy, I’d love kids, I want to be a young mum” Amy tells the boys.  Kerry and Lucien are in the garden lying on the sofa and talking about Amy. Lucien says that he had preconceived ideas about Amy, but now realises: “She’s not this TOWIE product.” He tells Kerry that Amy is great and “not arsed, like yourself.” Kerry smiles and tells him that she will be looking out for him adding: “If she messes my lad around…!” In the bathroom, Amy tells Jedward that she would like a pink wedding dress. The boys ask her is she would like a traditional proposal “on one knee”: “I’d like the full shebang,” she replies.

Back in the garden, Lucien tells Kerry that he has never put himself out there for a relationship. “I’m a mug for getting shot down,” he confesses. “Just be careful,” Kerry advises and tells him that she will happily take credit for getting him and Amy together.


Bobby, Kerry and Lucien are in the garden, talking about the rain. Amy has made Lucien a cup of tea and is about to take it out to him. She notices the rain and hesitates adding: “Its p***ing down!” She asks Darryn: “Will you take it out for me, my hair will go flat?” “I knew she was gonna say that,” Paddy laughs. Amy braves the weather and joins the housemates in the garden. Lucien tells her that she looks nice. Amy smiles then grumbles: “It’s a s**t day, I’m cold, I’m going back inside,” then leaves the garden.

Jedward are playing in the bathroom. Darryn and Amy are in the living area. The conversation turns to Bobby. They both say that Bobby lacks good manners. Amy mentions that Bobby “helped himself” to a lot of alcohol the previous night and failed to offer a drink to other housemates. “He was downing them, we could have had a longer drink,” she claims. Amy says that Bobby has “opened up a bit more,” but Darryn insists that Bobby is not interesting: “I thought he’d have amazing stories.” Amy ends: “If he rung me up and said ‘can I come to Essex?’ I’d say yeah.”


Housemates have been given the chance to win a bonus 10% towards their task, by taking part in a ‘Pose-Off.’ Housemates change into their KELA and Take This outfits and begin the task in the garden. Paddy comments: “I can’t pose to save my life.” “My pose will be hot and sexy,” states Edward.


Housemates have been taking part in the task for 12 minutes; John and Lucien are the last housemates standing. Kerry tells her fellow housemates that John is “nothing without his brother,” and encourages Lucien: “You’re my lad, you make me proud!” Later in the diary room, Amy mentions that Edward was cheering for John in the rival group: “We’re supposed to be doing this as a team.” In the garden Big Brother calls for non-posing housemates to return to the house. Lucien looks sideways at his fellow housemates. Big Brother announces that he is now out of the game and John is declared the winner.


In the bedroom Paddy tells Amy that she has “no backside.” “How much did you pay for your chest?” he asks her. “Five thousand pounds,” she says proudly. Paddy asks her how long her boobs will last. “About 10 years,” Amy replies. Bobby and Kerry are in the living area, giving relationship advice to John. Bobby tells him to choose a girl closer to his age. Kerry says that guys will need to make her laugh, love children and be supportive and romantic. “And not mind being in the papers,” adds Bobby. John tells Kerry that she should go to “Mexico” to find the right man. “I just don’t want to see you in the papers with some loser,” he tells her. He admits that he would date an older woman adding: “Cameron Diaz was 10 years older than Justin Timberlake.” “Would you go out with me then?” Kerry asks. “I’m too young,” John replies quickly. Kerry walks off in mock dismay.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Amy and Lucien are lying on the bed together then Amy leaves the room. “She’s an absolute head f**k!” Lucien tells Paddy. Kerry enters the bedroom and cuddles Lucien before walking around the bedroom. “You’re too good for her, she’s playing games,” Paddy says, referring to Amy. “Wait till you get out, this house does crazy to people,” Kerry advises Lucien. Paddy ends: “She’s not good for you, she’s a player.”


Housemates are gathered on the sofa. Big Brother plays the respective KELA and Take This video on the big screen and housemates congratulate each other. Big Brother announces that Take This have won the task.


As a reward for winning the task Take This have been given a champagne party and the house has been transformed into the Brotherly Hills Hotel.  KELA must now adopt the role of devoted fans and will sleep in the garden. There is now a dividing barrier across the garden. On one side the ‘fans’ mock hysteria and Kerry shouts to the ‘band,’ “I wanna have your babies.” “You’ve got enough!” Darryn replies and the housemates laugh.


Darryn is in the dairy room telling Big Brother how hard the boy band worked during the task. He says that he is glad that he will be sleeping in the house.

Later in the bedroom at lights out, Darryn hugs Paddy goodnight and tells him: “I’m proud to have met you.” He bids them all good night then declares loudly: “We are Take This!” The ‘fans’ are asleep in the garden.

Day 19

9.20 am

The groupies are sleeping outside and are woken up by Take This’ rendition of

Relight My Fire. In the diary room, Edward reveals that he thinks “camping is cool when you know you’re not going to get eaten by a bear” and says he felt safe sleeping outside with his fellow housemates, Amy, Kerry and Lucien. Kerry dances to the music and shouts across to Paddy “I wanna be your woman!”.  Amy says that she didn’t sleep well last night.

Take This are delivered a cooked breakfast from Big Brother. They are ecstatic. Darryn says “this is gold dust” and says that “the room service has been brilliant!” From the garden, Lucien sees the treat that Take This have received and tells his fellow groupies.  In the diary room, Darryn tells Big Brother that breakfast was “sensational” and he says he thinks he has put any weight that he lost in the house, back on this morning.  John takes leftovers out to the groupies and asks Edward what it was like sleeping outside. “It was so cool, the best experience of my life!” Edward says, excitedly.

12.51 pm

In the garden, Edward joins Kerry and Lucien for a cuddle under the covers.  Amy complains about being a groupie in the diary room, saying she would only go “glamping” and says she misses her hairdryers, rollers and hot shower.  She says to Big Brother that she feels like a “sad groupie.  Do fans actually do this?!”.

In the living room Paddy and Darryn are discussing Amy. Paddy says that she always has to be centre of attention and “doesn’t give a damn who she plays.”  Paddy continues that “she’s the most handsomest girl” but is messy and leaves her hair extensions all over the house.

1.35 pm

Paddy, Darryn and John are in the living room talking about “pop life”. Jedward says that Jedward have a couple of thousand fans, all of whom are very loyal.  He talks about one fan who took 75 flights to see them.

Lucien and Edward are in the garden doing handstands. Edward holds his for longer and Lucien break dances as Kerry laughs at the boys.  Back in the living room, Darryn ponders as to whether Paddy and he will have any fans outside the house. John believes they will have female fans and Paddy gets excited about this new attention. Darryn states that Paddy only needs his wife and Paddy jokes “she’s me main woman”.

2.13 pm

Lucien is dancing seductively behind Kerry in the garden.  In the diary room, Edward reveals that he is missing John. He says “every single moment I’m thinking ‘where’s John, how’s John, what’s John doing?’ It’s hard to listen to people talk when all I’m thinking about is John”.

3.56 pm

John has been called to the diary room and Big Brother tells him he was not allowed to go over and spend time with the groupies.  As punishment, he must now sign numerous Take This posters.  John doesn’t seem bothered – “In one night I signed 2,000 autographs in Germany”.  He brags to Big Brother about how many autographs he owns. He mentions Elvis Presley, John F Kennedy and the Queen but says “my fave is Michael Jackson.”  John says the only autograph he’s missing is Big Brother’s.

Amy has been giving Edward a makeover and when finished, Edward looks in the mirror and says “I look like a weirdo!”  Amy is satisfied with her work, saying “Oh my god you look like Amy Childs!”.

4.42 pm

Big Brother has given groupies a chance to get back into the house. The task involves separating sweets into individual colours. Lucien has to separate all the yellow sweets for Bobby, Amy has to separate the green sweets for Paddy, Edward has to separate the orange sweets for John and Kerry has to separate all the red sweets for Darryn. When they reflect on their task later in the diary room, the housemates say:

Amy: “the task wasn’t hard, but it was boring”

Lucien: “it kept going on and on”

Edward: “I kept seeing orange”

Kerry: “I wanted a shower and to change my underwear”

Kerry is first to finish, followed by Lucien then Edward. Amy is the last and in the diary room she admits “I don’t want to be eating sweets for a long time.”

8.16 pm

Darryn is in the bedroom talking to Amy about how the house has changed them. Darryn feels “you learn a lot in isolation.” Amy believes being in the house has helped her understand adulthood.  In the living room, Paddy is talking to Lucien and Bobby about Amy. Lucien admits that he is getting tired of being made to do “the run-around”.  He says that boredom in the house has made him think about things too much.  Bobby says he initially thought Amy was interested but Paddy says “she’s a player!”

9.06 pm

Big Brother has provided Housemates with a Cocktail party. By the smoking area Kerry is encouraging the romance between Lucien and Amy. Amy says “we’re best mates” but Lucien says “no we’re not”.

As the party progresses, Lucien seems to be embarrassed about chasing Amy all the time and so makes an effort to stop.  After shunning her, she runs over and playfully punches him, before rolling on top of him and making them fall to the floor.  Bobby tells her to stop teasing him.

10.35 pm

In the kitchen, Lucien throws the coloured sweets from the task at Bobby who retaliates – the sweets go everywhere!  In the diary room, Paddy talks fondly of his housemates, saying he has “let his guard down” in the house and has a new love for “country people” and has made great relationships in the house.  “I’m a different man in here” he tells Big Brother and says “who’d ever think country people would be shouting my name”.

11.08 pm

Darryn and Paddy are in the bedroom talking about the youngsters. Paddy comments that he likes Mumbles and Darryn says he is surprised that he has become friendly with Bobby again.  They talk about how they have seen people change in the house, except themselves and Kerry.

Amy, Kerry and Lucien are outside in the garden. Kerry tells Amy she shouldn’t lead Amy on and Lucien admits he feels “like a muppet” for lusting after Amy. When he goes to the toilet, Kerry tells Amy she shouldn’t lead him on if she thinks it is just a bit of fun.  Lucien hears them talking and hears Amy admit that she is not attracted to Lucien.

11.21 pm

On of the Jedward’s is looking at the sweet mess caused by Bobby and Lucien in the kitchen.  Amy and Lucien are in the garden having a heart to heart. Lucien says he got the wrong impression and it doesn’t matter if they are just friends.  He says he was under a spell and “couldn’t shake it off”.

12.19 am

In the diary room, Lucien says that what everyone told him about Amy has been confirmed.  In the bedroom, Amy comments that her and Lucien are just mates but Bobby says that Lucien doesn’t know where he stands and Amy should make the right signals.  Back in the diary room, Lucien says he thought something might have materialised but now knows it won’t: “It’s like your parents tell you your going to Disneyland Florida and then you find out you’re going to Disneyland Paris….its not the same…I feel like a muppet… I got shot down.”

Day 20


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom waking up. Amy questions Kerry about last night. Kerry tells her that Lucien was upset after talking with Amy about her feelings for him. “You said you were just friends,” Kerry tells her. Paddy adds: “It’s all the signals you give him.” Kerry ends: “I think, he thinks you lead him on.” In the living area, Amy confides in Darryn and tells him that Lucien is being “funny” towards her, “Even Kerry says he’s turned,” she says. Later in the garden Darryn tells Paddy that he though Lucien and Amy were just friends. “When they got the shots down them, love came back in the air,” Paddy jokes. In the bedroom Lucien asks Amy: “Did I have a go at you last night?” She tells him that he accused her of “winding” him up. Lucien is apologetic and the pair gives each other a high-five.


Today is Kerry’s 31st birthday. She is sitting alone in the smoking area. Amy is in the diary room telling Big Brother her version of last night’s events adding: “I wasn’t very tipsy. Lucien went all weird on me last night.” She recalls an earlier conversation with Kerry who implied that Amy “led him on.” Amy refutes this adding: “We have a bit of a flirt, but that’s it.” She tells Big Brother that she hasn’t been able to ask Lucien how he feels about her: “There are always people around,” she says.


Kerry and Lucien are in the bedroom, talking about last night. Lucien tells her: “I feel like I’ve let you down,” and apologises for being “a d***head.” Kerry laughs and reassures him saying: “It was very entertaining though!” They hug and Kerry asks if the hug is her birthday present. “I wasn’t too much of a plonker was I,” he continues. Kerry says that he wasn’t and asks: “Do you like the girl though?” “Yeah,” Lucien replies.


In the living room, Amy gets deep with Jedward. “Do you like cars?” she asks. The twins tell her that they don’t and ask her if she has a personal number plate. She tells them that she wanted to have “Well Jel,” as a personal number plate:  “But it would have cost me 70 grand.”

Kerry is in the diary room, talking to Big Brother about her birthday and her time in the house.  She speaks of her joy at “seeing it through to the end.”  Kerry mentions her past “mistakes” and her plans for standing “on my own two feet.”  “I’m a bit more confident, I’m doing it right this time, I want my kids to be proud of me.” “Big Brother thinks your children will be proud of their mum.” Kerry laughs through her tears and thanks Big Brother for the comment before joking: “I only came in here for some Tampax!”


Jedward are making use of the sweets they will never eat by making a big pattern on the dining table. Paddy is in the diary room talking about the twin’s antics. “They’re a load of sausages, they’re like the Marx Brothers, Abbot and Costello, what are they doing.”


Big Brother has gathered housemates in the garden for a Pizza Task. Housemates complete their task which then turns into a messy food fight.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom talking about smoking. Amy says that she is the only one in her group of friends that doesn’t smoke. “I’ve had three ex-boyfriends and none of them smoked,” she adds. Lucien is sitting in bed listening. She tells her housemates that she is still on good terms with her ex-boyfriends. “Do you text them and they text you?” Paddy questions her. Amy says yes and Paddy tells her that he would not like that if he was her boyfriend.  Paddy backtracks and says that he realises why Amy is on good terms with her ex-boyfriends. He complements her saying: “You don’t have any badness in your body.”


Some of the housemates are in the smoking area.  Big Brother announces the winner of the task. Lucien, Bobby, John and Edward have won the task. Big Brother rewards them with a pizza which they must not share with the losing team. Amy says that their win was “a set up.” “Don’t be a sore loser,” Bobby tells her.


Jedward are in the diary room. Big Brother reveals that they will receive some props to organise a party for Kerry.  The twins must keep the party a secret from Kerry or the party will be cancelled. The twins rush off and inform their fellow housemates. Big Brother calls Kerry to the diary room. She tells Big Brother that she doesn’t always celebrate her birthday: “It’s just another day. I have four new wrinkles and a birthday spot.” As Kerry comes back into the living area she jumps, as her housemates sing happy birthday and let off party poppers. Kerry kisses them in turn.


Housemates have been celebrating Kerry’s birthday for 1hour and 25 minutes. John and Edward are practicing a routine for Kerry. In the garden Darryn amuses housemates with his tales from the past. He tells them that he once shared a bed with 12 girls “crazy days.” “Any famous faces?” asks Bobby. “You would know a few of them,” Darryn tells him. Jedward come into the garden, Kerry sits on a chair in front of them. They perform a strip tease routine for her and she is delighted.


Paddy, Bobby, Lucien and Darryn are preparing their own surprise for Kerry. In the diary room, they tell Big Brother that they plan to do a “Full Monty” routine. “Her spirits need lifting,” adds Lucien. Amy and Kerry are in the garden talking about Lucien. Amy insists: “He’s just a friend Kel.” Kerry tells her that that should be the “end of the story.”


Kerry is in the garden and has changed into a glamorous outfit. Lucien, Bobby, Paddy and Darryn come in to the garden to perform their routine. Kerry is sat in a single her chair in front of them. “Where do I sit?” asks Amy from the smoking area. “It’s my birthday, back off!” shouts Kerry. At the end of the routine Kerry tells them: “I’ll never forget this, ever.” “Is that it?” comments Amy.


All of the housemates are in diary room. Big Brother asks them to name their favourite moments during their time in the house. Bobby mentions the Wizard of Oz task. “Being locked outside with Kerry, I got to know you as a person,” he tells her. Amy says she enjoyed the cooking task with Marco. “The twin task with Paddy,” Kerry adds. Bobby says that he has made friends in the house and says that when he first arrived: “I didn’t know what to do, say, think, I’m really grateful for the opportunity.”  Jedward apologise to their fellow housemates for all the “noise, mess, splashing you with water.” Housemates have a big group hug.

Day 21

Big Brother laid on a slap up meal for the housemates to celebrate their last night in the house, “Oysters, crazy” beam Jedward. To mark the end of their time in the house, Big Brother has asked housemates to hold their very own award ceremony. All of the housemates are in the garden. The twins announce the award for Best Couple. Amy and Lucien scoop the award and hug each other.

Later in the diary room Amy tells Big Brother that it was “nice” to receive the award: “Even though me and Lucien are friends.” Paddy is named Funniest housemate. Lucien presents the most Annoying housemate award to Jedward. “The coolest people in the world
are annoying so it means you’re getting noticed,” they tell Big Brother.  The Best housemate award is presented to Bobby.

“Is it because I’ve got long hair?” he asks. “It was more of and eeny, meeny miny, mo situation,” Jedward reply. Amy receives the award
for “being so fit it’s a joke!” say Jedward.

Later in the diary room each of the housemates reflect on their experiences in the house. Bobby confesses that he initially judged people, but now realises: “Underneath they’re young men and women, going through the same things that you are.”  Paddy admits: “It’s a proper rollercoaster, you go down fast, then quickly back up.” “This is the craziest adventure I’ve ever been on,” Kerry says: “I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, told stupid jokes and made amazing friends.” Amy tells Big Brother that she feels “stronger as a person.” Jedward conclude: “We feel like we’ve been captured by aliens who are studying life on Planet Jedward.” All of the housemates are in the garden, waving at the camera.

Eviction Night

Model Bobby Sabel was the first finalist to leave the Big Brother house, closely followed by ‘Mr Paparazzi’ Darryn Lyons. In fifth place, actor Lucien Laviscount. In forth place was Essex’s finest Amy Childs and in third place effervescent posters Jedward, Kerry Katona came in second.

After 21 days in the house, Paddy Doherty was revealed as winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2011. On hearing his name, the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding personality hugged reality TV star and first runner-up Kerry Katona. He punched the air before shouting: “Wommmmannnnn!”, then lifted Kerry off the ground.

During his exit interview, Paddy said: “I thank all the people who voted for me. I swear I only thought I’d last one week, no way did I think I’d win, I had no game plan.”