Big Brother Ratings Drop

Big Brother{jcomments on}Ratings for the “normal” version of Big Brother on Channel Five dropped below 2 million viewers over the weekend.

On Thursday evening Celebrity Big Brother ended when Paddy Doherty won the series beating favourites Jedward. Just one day after the Celebrity finale and the “normal” version of Big Brother launched on Channel Five as “ordinary” members of the public entered the house – 14 of them. But the launch figure for Big Brother on Friday evening was 2.6 million – down considerably on the launch of Celebrity Big Brother just weeks ago. However, admittedly the figure is still good for Channel Five.

Over the weekend though Big Brother plunged below 2 million viewers with 1.4 million viewers for Saturday and Sunday’s instalments. Weekend editions of Big Brother do tend to rate lower than the weekday versions but the its still a hefty drop. The big test for the “ordinary” version of Big Brother will come this week and whether ratings return to over 2 million or stay dangerously low. If ratings do remain low Channel Five may seek to spice things up to entice audiences back.

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