Peaches Geldof blasts Skins

Wild child Peaches Geldof has blasted teen-drama Skins for giving teenagers a bad name!

Geldof, who has dominated many a tabloid headline for her behaviour in recent years, has criticised the E4 drama for its portrayal of teenagers and claimed life isn’t a “24/7 party lifestyle when you’re growing up”. Geldof criticised Skins in an interview with The Sun’s TV Biz.

“Skins is too much. It’s real in some ways. But for every handful of teenagers who are wayward and going through things that are portrayed in Skins, there are many teenagers who aren’t. It’s not just a 24/7 party lifestyle when you’re growing up.  There are times when you are sitting at home doing your homework and it’s not just this crazy, drug-fuelled orgy-filled thing that Skins says that adolescence is.  It gives a bad name to modern adolescence. Smart teenagers will watch it laughing but other kids will think that’s what life is really supposed to be like — and their lives are boring in comparison. It might spur them on to try and live more recklessly.” – Peaches Geldof

The daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates has certainly had her own fair share of teenage drama from a failed marriage to a suspected drugs overdose. Her criticisms of Skins may raise eyebrows from some but it isn’t the first time the drama has been criticised – for similar reasons. The alcohol fueled parties, drug taking and sex in Skins has been criticised before and in the American remake it fell foul of the Parents Television Council who launched a high profile campaign against Skins.

A sixth season of Skins will air on E4 early next year but the dramas future beyond that is currently unclear.