Former Spy boss says Spooks isn't realistic

SpooksDame Stella Rimmington says BBC spy series isn’t realistic.

Spooks is returning on Sunday for its 10th and final series – the BBC has decided to cancel the drama to make way for new serials. Spooks has won millions of fans and critical acclaim for its portrayal of agents working for MI5 but former Spy boss Stella Rimmington has said the series isn’t realistic.

“I am often asked, ‘Is Spooks like it really is?’ and of course it isn’t. There is something about TV drama that seems to consist of killing the enemy. That isn’t what British intelligence does. Killing is done by the military…..I’d feel frightfully anxious if the people protecting us were so over-excitable.”

Rimmington made the comments in a new BBC Four documentary, When TV Went To War, which will be shown on the digital channel on Monday evening.

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(Spooks returns to BBC One on Sunday at 9pm)