Jeremy Kyle awaits US TV debut

The Jeremy Kyle Show makes its long awaited debut tomorrow in America

The ITV 1 talkshow has been remade for the American audience and put into the lucrative syndication system which will see it air on a number of TV stations across the country. A relative unknown in America, Jeremy Kyle will be hoping to capitalise on the recent success of a number of Brits who have succeeded in the States such as Piers Morgan and Gordon Ramsay.

Jeremy Kyle first hit our screens in July 2005 and became an instant hit. The programme has attracted criticism over the years with claims that guests cause trouble in the hotel that the show puts them in before recording and fighting on stage which led to the prosecution of a guest. The show separates itself from the likes of Jerry Springer by offering a resolution to conflict through the programme’s aftercare team lead by Graham Stanier. The American version will have the same led by ‘Dr Janet’.

The first show is titled “Why Does My Daughter Hate Me?” and airs tomorrow. Viewers in America can check local listings here.