Doctor Who: The God Complex tops 6 million viewers

The God ComplexRemember how All Star Family Fortunes ‘beat’ Doctor Who episode The God Complex? Well funnily enough, as we predicted, final ratings for the episode reveal it didn’t!

Vernon Kay might want to eat some humble pie because All Star Family Fortunes did not beat Doctor Who. Overnight figures – widely reported by the press – for The God Complex put it behind Kay’s All Star Family Fortunes (oh how we miss Les Dennis). However, final ratings figures – which are far more accurate but not used by the press – tell an entirely different picture.

Final figures for The God Complex put the episode on 6.77 million viewers which is up considerably on the 5.2 million recorded by overnight ratings. All Star Family Fortunes meanwhile barely changed its ratings; it had an overnight figure of 5.3 million and a final figure of 5.39 million. So Mr. Kay not only can the Doctor defeat the Daleks but he can definitely beat  you too. Did we mention we missed Les Dennis?