Revamped Blue Peter prepares for launch

Blue PeterBlue Peter prepares to broadcast from its new home in Salford later today.

The long-running children’s magazine programme has moved to Salford as part of the BBC’s policy of relocating services from London to the northern city. It’s a policy which has proved controversial with the press but is continuing anyway. The BBC is moving its children’s department to Salford which is why Blue Peter has also moved to the city.

Blue Peter
has long been associated with Television Centre but earlier in the Summer it broadcast its last edition there. The last ever edition from Television Centre saw several former presenters return to mark the occasion. The move to Salford means the magazine programme has been revamped with Barney Harwood and Helen Skelton joining the series. The series has been given a new set described as a “wired media lab” and a new version of theme tune has also been created “it’s got that electro-pop feel.” said series editor Tim Levell.

The Blue Peter garden has also made the journey north; it will now be on a roof at the Salford MediaCity! It won’t be seen for some time though as its still being constructed. Reports have claimed that the Blue Peter pets will be phased out because its felt they are no longer relevant to technology savvy youths – who obviously don’t have pets by that line of thinking.