Denis Murray revisits Northern Ireland for the BBC

From Our Ireland Correspondent is a three-part archive series to air on BBC One Northern Ireland and will be presented by Denis Murray who covered major, and not so important, events from across Northern Ireland for the BBC over two decades.


“Murray was the BBC’s Ireland Correspondent for 20 years. During that time his job was to translate the violent, complicated and sometimes harrowing events that were happening in Northern Ireland to an audience throughout the United Kingdom and the wider world.” The BBC say.

Produced by Imagine Media for BBC Northern Ireland, during the course of the programmes, Denis looks back on his own journalism and details the delicate and difficult transition from conflict to peace in Northern Ireland.

The Ireland story was so relentless that Denis appeared on our TV screens night after night. His face became synonymous with events in Northern Ireland and he was relied upon not just as a source of information but also knowledge.

Denis says of the new series: “These programmes are in no sense intended to be any kind of formal history of the Troubles and the peace process. What I’m trying to do is show viewers what it was like to have been an eye witness – close up – to those historic events.”

From Our Ireland Correspondent follows a timeline from Denis’ appointment in 1988 through to his retirement at the end of 2007.

From Our Ireland Correspondent BBC One Northern Ireland, Monday 3rd October at 10.35pm.