Kevin Williamson developing new drama for Fox

FoxKevin Williamson is reportedly developing a new drama for Fox.

Deadline reports that Fox has ordered a pilot for a serial killer drama from the producer. The drama would focus on an FBI agent who is tracking down a murderer who is trying to use modern technology to create a cult of serial killers. Williamson is currently showrunner on the CW dramas The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle – which launched last week. The supernatural dramas are both based on novels written by the author L.J Smith but Williamson has ruled out crossovers between the two despite them sharing similar themes and settings. Williamson has described The Secret Circle as a “companion series” to The Vampire Diaries rather than a sister show or spin-off.

Williamson has also been heavily involved in the Scream franchise writing the first instalment in the slasher series as well as its second and the recent fourth movie. Despite the modest performance of Scream 4 at the box office there are still rumours that a fifth film will be made at some point.