Tom Watson says The Sun should face hacking question

The SunLabour’s Tom Watson has said that The Sun should be face questioning to see whether it was involved in phone-hacking like its sister paper News of the World.

Tom Watson, who has been one of the few MP’s to have really led the charge against alleged phone-hacking by the News of the World for several years. Unlike some of his fellow MP’s, on both sides of the House of Commons, Watson has been vocal of his criticisms of the Sunday tabloid and the original investigation into phone-hacking at the paper for some time now. Watson, who is also a member of the Commons Culture and Media Committee, has said that The Sun should also face phone-hacking questions.

“Do you really think hacking only happened on the News of the World? Ask Dominic Mohan. He is the current editor of the Sun.  He used to joke about lax security at Vodafone when he attended celebrity parties. Ask the editor of the Sun if he thinks Rupert Murdoch’s contagion has spread to other newspapers. Ask him, and if he gives you an honest answer, he will tell you that it is only a matter of time before we find the Sun in the evidence file of the convicted private investigator that hacked Milly Dowler’s phone.” – Tom Watson speaking at the Labour Party conference as quoted by BBC News

News International, which publishes The Sun, The Sunday Times, The Times and until recently News of the World has been keen to distance its other papers from the phone-hacking scandal. Rival newspapers, such as The Mirror and the Daily Mail, have also been quick to assert that their journalists work within the law. However, as much as these papers may protest their innocence there is a growing consensus that phone-hacking is unlikely to have been limited to the News of the World.