Doctor Who Confidential axed by the BBC

Doctor Who ConfidentialDoctor Who Confidential is to be axed from BBC Three as part of cost cutting measures at the corporation.

The series, which has companied Doctor Who since its return in 2005, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at each episode and features interviews with key cast members and production crew including Russell T. Davies, while he was showrunner, and currently Stecven Moffat. Doctor Who Confidential usually airs directly after each episode of Doctor Who has aired on BBC One though the series has also produced occasional one-off specials outside the normal broadcast of Doctor Who – such as when Matt Smith was named as the 11th Doctor.

Doctor Who Confidential is the latest victim of Zai Bennett and his axe though so far it has mostly been comedies such as Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps and Ideal which have fallen out of favour. The axing of Doctor Who Confidential might be interrupted by some within the tabloid press that the popularity of the BBC sci-fi series is on the decline.

Doctor Who Confidential has had a number of narrators of the course of its six seasons. Currently Being Human actor Russell Tovey narrates the series having previously appeared in Doctor Who itself. The first series of Confidential saw David Tennant narrated an episode before handing over to Simon Pegg after being named as the 10th Doctor. The second series in 2006 was narrated by Mark Gatiss who has penned several episodes of Doctor Who as well as appearing in the series too. Anthony Head narrated the third and fourth seasons while Noel Clarke narrated the edition for the 2009 Easter Special, Planet of the Dead. The fifth season in 2010 was narrated by Alex Price while the Christmas Special edition was narrated by Russell Tovey.