Michelle Dockery: 'there's a wedding, a funeral and a sex scene' coming up on Downton Abbey

Michelle DockeryDownton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, has revealed the ITV drama will feature ‘a wedding, a funeral and sex scene’ in future episodes.

Michelle Dockery has teased fans about what’s to come on ITV’s hugely popular Downton Abbey. The actress was discussing her role of Lady Mary with the Daily Telegraph when she teased fans of some future plots for the drama. She told the newspaper “There’s a wedding, a funeral and a sex scene. I’m in two – no, wait. I’m in one of those“. However, those fans who think they know just which one of those scenes Lady Mary will feature in might want to think again as the actress added “The thing is, I can see people will think that I am involved in a particular one of those three, but I’m not. People will be really surprised.”.

Dockery also warned fans that Lady Mary’s scandalous past, from the first series, will come back to haunt her ‘The incident with the Turkish diplomat comes back to haunt Mary in the second series. I can’t tell you why, but it could literally bring down the whole of the Crawley family – it’s huge.’

Downton Abbey
continues to pull in huge ratings for ITV with Sunday evening’s second episode averaging 9.4 million viewers for the 75 minute episode. Some fans remain unhappy though over the number of commercial breaks within the episodes and also the sponsorship ‘stings’ at the beginning and end of the breaks. Despite that though Downton Abbey shows no signs of falling out of favour with fans any time soon.