Harry Hill denies TV Burp departure

The comedian has stated this evening he has made no decision on the future of TV Burp.

The press earlier today suggested Hill, who has presented the series for nearly 10 years, was reported to have “Left ITV bosses in turmoil” after they claimed he had turned down a £1 million increase to his current £3 million contract with ITV Studios to keep the 46-year-old with the network.

An ITV ‘source’ told The Sun: ‘Harry kept telling people how much he hated doing it but they thought he was joking. He wasn’t.’

However, Harry disputes The Sun’s story stating tonight That he was “Still having a lotta fun with TV Burp” and adding that he has “still got 16 shows to write!”

Adding that there has been “No decision on the future” of his TV Burp role.