Thousands sign petition over Doctor Who Confidential axe

Doctor Who ConfidentialThousands of fans have signed a petition to save BBC Three series Doctor Who Confidential after it was announced yesterday it was being cancelled as part of cost cutting measures at the corporation.

The series has offered fans a “behind-the-scenes” look at every episode of Doctor Who produced since its revival in 2005. Doctor Who Confidential, over the years, has featured interviews with key cast and crew members such as David Tennant, Matt Smith, Karen Gillian, Phil Collinson, Julie Gardner, Billie Piper, Catherine Tate, Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat. However, BBC Three controller Zai Bennett had decided to axe the series – Bennett is quite nifty with an axe it would seem going by the cull of programming at the digital channel since he took over.

Saturday’s edition of Doctor Who Confidential, taking a behind-the-scenes look at the six season finale The Wedding of River Song, looks set to be its last. The demise of Confidential has angered Doctor Who fans who have already launched a petition and Twitter campaign to save it and they already have thousands signed up. In just 24 hours since the news broke over 13,000 people have signed the petition while well over 5000 have signed up to the Twitter campaign. That’s an astonishing amount of people in such short space a time.

For those nay-sayers who will bleat on about ‘it’ll do no good’ just remember the campaign to save BBC Radio 6 was successful; thousands of people signed a petition against its closure. More recently the outcry over proposed cut-backs/closure of BBC Four has also seen thousands of people put pen to paper, or finger to keyboards, in letters of defence of the channel. So if enough people sign up to the campaign to save Doctor Who Confidential it could very well work – never say never.

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