William Shatner criticises George Takei

William Shatner as Kirk - CBSStar Trek star William Shatner may have just reignited the old feud between himself and former co-star George Takei.

It’s no secret that William Shatner didn’t get along with all the stars of Star Trek while working on the television series in the 1960s and the subsequent big-screen movies. In fact several of his co-stars have been quite vocal about their dislike of Shatner over the years. Over the past few years the disagreement/feud between Shatner and George Takei has courted press attention and well the actor may just have reignited it once more.

In his new book, Shatner Rules, the actor takes several pot-shots at Takei, who Shatner says has been “saying mean things about me for nearly forty years now.” However, it is the issue of Takei’s wedding to partner Brad Altman that is most likely to add fuel on the fire of the feud between the two actors. Takei insists that he did invite Shatner to the wedding several years ago. Shatner insists the invitation never arrived. In Shatner Rules the actor claims that the naming of Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols as best man and matron of honour was just a plot of get media attention – ouch. The actor also goes on to criticise Takei for failing to accept that Kirk was the star of Star Trek and Sulu was a mere supporting player.
George Takei as Sulu - CBS
George Takei however, isn’t alone in his problems with William Shatner, as stated at the top several Trek co-stars have been vocal over the years about their problems with the actor. Recently Walter Koenig said that the cast of the original series didn’t respect Shatner in the same way the Next Generation cast respected Patrick Stewart. James Doohan also had issues with Shatner but the two made peace shortly before Doohan’s death.

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