NBC axes Playboy Club

NBCIt’s the news everyone has been expecting – NBC has cancelled The Playboy Club.

The Parents Television Council may well claim victory in its battle with the 1960s based series. The PTC were not amused by the series and have run a high profile campaign against it. They urged NBC affiliates not to air the Playboy Club and last week called for it to be axed outright. They might well see NBC’s decision this week as a consequence of their campaign.  

However, what really killed the Playboy Club is its ratings – and that is why everyone expected it. The series has attracted low ratings since its debut and they’ve been getting lower each week – last night the drama had just 3.4 million viewers. Therefore it was only a matter of time before the Axe Man came knocking. Many media commentators have commented on Playboy Club’s suitability on NBC claiming it would be more at home on broadcasters such as HBO, Showtime or AMC which shows Mad Men.

NBC will replace The Playboy Club in the schedules with repeats of its Prime Suspect remake – based on the British series starring Helen Mirren. However, the detective drama hasn’t performed brilliantly either and many  suspect it will also be cancelled before long.