Terra Nova pulls in nearly 1 million viewers for Sky One

Terra NovaSteven Spielberg’s new series Terra Nova delivered big numbers to Sky One last night.

The new drama series – reportedly costing several million dollars per episode to produce – revolves around a group of humans from the future who escape a dying and polluted Earth to the prehistoric past. The humans found a colony during the cretaceous period when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. The drama follows the Shannon family and other colonists at they attempt to build a new life for themselves and face the dangers of living alongside dinosaurs. Terra Nova has been hot anticipated by the critics but its premier has been delayed several times because of the amount of special effects require. The series stars Jason O’Mara and Shelley Conn and launched on Sky One last night with a double bill. The 8pm episode, the season opener, had just under 1 million viewers. The second episode at 9pm saw figures drop somewhat with just over 700,000 viewers watching.