Leonard Nimoy attends his final Star Trek convention

Leonard Nimoy - CBS{jcomments off}Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy attended his last convention over the weekend in Illinois according to media reports.

The actor played Vulcan Spook in the original series (1963 – 1969) as well as six of the feature films based on the original series. The actor also reprised his role for several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and also for the 2009 J.J Abrams reboot of the film franchise. The actor has been a regular at Trek conventions – and Sci Fi conventions in general – for years but now he has reportedly attended his last event. Several media sites are reporting that Nimoy has stated that his last appearance at such events would be last weekend at Illinois. In more recent years, as well as attending conventions, that actor has appeared in Fox’s cult drama Fringe playing Dr. William Bell – his last appearance in the series was earlier this year.