BBC and Discovery Channel to explore the History of the World

The Discovery Channel and the BBC are joining forces once more to produce a new landmark history programme which will explore the History of the World. The eight part series will chart the rise of human civilisation across the globe.

Press Release:

Discovery Channel and BBC are once again joining forces, announcing today the co-production of a new landmark series titled History of the World. The eight-part program, set to premiere in 2013, spans the globe to provide the definitive account of human civilization. From 70,000 BC to 2011 AD, the series recounts the world’s most decisive turning points. Each episode highlights military campaigns, love stories, medical breakthroughs and assassinations, telling the story of our shared history.

Through state-of-the-art CGI technology, high-end dramatic reconstructions and stunning location footage from five continents, viewers are transported back in time to witness the events and meet the people who have changed the course of human history. Topics to be covered include: the struggle to survive the ice age, the birth of democracy, the Viking conquests, the ultimate Renaissance Man, the beginnings of the world’s great religions, the first-ever Stock Exchange, the Trial of Galileo, the creation of a nation by slaves, the Cold War and the economic power-houses of the 21st century.

From the early settlers in Mesopotamia to the wonders of Babylon and Egypt; from the earliest Chinese Dynasties to the ancient Greeks and the Roman Empires; from the Incas and the Spanish conquistadors to the Industrial Revolution; from the Opium Wars to World War II – History of the World reminds us where we came from and takes us on an Unforgettable journey through time.

History of the World
is co-produced by BBC and Discovery Channel. For BBC, Chris Granlund is executive producer and Kathryn Taylor is series producer. For Discovery Channel, Susan Winslow is executive producer.