Big Brother: Maisy evicted

Maisy has become the fourth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

Maisy was up against Faye in the public vote this week. She was shocked to hear the crowd outside booing when Brian mentioned her name during the live announcement. Before leaving the house Maisy cuddled the remaining housemates before shouting “I love you!” from the top of the stairs.

During the interview, Maisy looked on shocked when she found out who had nominated her this week. She said that Rebeckah was correct regarding Anton being a ‘snake’. When Rebeckah was evicted in week 2 she said in her farewell message to the house that Anton was a ‘snake’ and shouldn’t be trusted.

Maisy agreed that her and Faye’s friendship became closer after her kiss with Aaron. After nominating Mark every week she acknowledged that he was ‘genuine’ after all. Mark left the house earlier this week. Maisy ended the interview announcing that she would like Faye to win saying “She is the most genuine housemate in there”.

Big Brother revealed a new housemate tonight in the form of Faye’s sister, Jemma. She announced that there is rivalry between them but hopes that Faye will be pleased to see her. Watching on the screen, Faye screamed “That’s my sister!” as she watched Jemma walked up the entrance stairs.