Rise in ratings for Merlin

MerlinMerlin‘s second episode of the fourth season of BBC One’s fantasy drama saw a slight rise in ratings.

The Darkest Hour, Part Two, saw a slight rise in ratings for Merlin according to overnight figures. The fantasy drama series starring Colin Morgan and Bradley James returned last week with 5.2 million viewers. Last night’s concluding part of the fourth season opener saw figures rise to just under 5.5 million viewers. Now while that may only be a slight rise its still impressive given Merlin airs opposite ITV’s ratings titan The X Factor which had 10.4 million viewers.

Also this week the drama had no lead-in from Doctor Who – both shows share a similar audience – so for figures to rise that’s pretty dam good. It’s also important to remember that the 5.5 figure is likely to rise somewhat when final ratings figures are released in ten days time. And for those who are interested Strictly Come Dancing performed well for BBC One with 8.7 million viewers.