BBC reveal ‘Him and Her’ series 2 details

BBC Three comedy Him and Her returns to our screens this autumn with seven new episodes.

The comedy, starring Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani, first aired on BBC Three last September with a total of 2.1 million viewers for the launch episode across the week. It centers around the characters of Steve and Becky, who are a lazy twenty-something couple who live their life like every day is the weekend.

“Becky and Steve get to live their lives like it’s always the weekend. For all the grubbiness, it’s a show about a dream, a life not muddied by aspiration or ambition, vanity or show, but one founded in the warmth of true love.” – Stefan Golaszewski, writer and creator of Him and Her.

Russell Tovey has spoken out about what to expect from the second series. “More of Becky and Steve! You’re going to start to see how Becky and Steve live together – are co-dependent on each other, through a relationship. When you make the next step of committing to living in the same environment it throws up a lot of drama – but good drama. The parents meet, which is a big deal, especially for Steve who’s just completely crazy/panicky. You see all the old lovable characters come back and you just get to spend time with these two wonderful characters again!”

Tovey is well known to BBC Three audiences through his character George Sands in hit drama Being Human (pictured). The supernatural drama is due back on screen in early 2012 for the fourth series.

Sarah Solemani, who plays Becky, speaks about how the second series will continue to be set around the flat. “It’s the same flat that we don’t leave, but the space around it shifts. There’s one episode called The Fight where a fight happens outside and people are smashing windows and throwing things in, so even though we don’t leave, a lot of action happens around the set.”