Ann Widdecombe for Cleverdicks on Sky Atlantic

Ann Widdecombe (c) BBCAnn Widdecombe is to host a new daily quiz show, Cleverdicks, for Sky Atlantic.

Sky Atlantic HD today (Wednesday 12 October, 2011) announces Cleverdicks, a brand new daily quiz show to be hosted by the formidably intelligent Ann Widdecombe. Widdecombe willbring her uniquely witty charm to the foray in the quiz where the intellectual heavyweights get to show off how clever they really are in an entertaining and amusing way. Widdecombe will lay down the gauntlet to all of the UK’s self-proclaimed Cleverdicks with a series of challenging questions designed to weed out the contestants who aren’t, perhaps, as smart as they think they are.

“Some may say that I am a cleverdick to have secured this contract but they should meet some of the formidable Cleverdicks who will be playing during the show!” – Ann Widdecombe

“Cleverdicks and Ann Widdecombe… Who could resist? Sitting in an early evening slot, the show is intelligent, irreverent and hugely entertaining and will be a great start to an evening’s viewing on Sky Atlantic.” – Elaine Pyke, Director of Sky Atlantic,

“What an exciting challenge it is for Cleverdicks to be sitting alongside some of the finest and most glossy television shows in the world.” – Jane Lush, Executive Producer for Splash Media

In each episode four contestants will be playing for a money prize each day but more importantly they will be aiming to be that day’s winner with the privilege of calling themselves a ‘Cleverdick’. They achieve this by lasting the course of the elimination at the end of every round. The show will finish with a high pressure end game, in which the winning cleverdick is pitched against a cascade of falling questions on the studio’s digital wall.

Cleverdicks is a Splash Media production exclusively for Sky Atlantic HD. The series is Executive Produced by Jane Lush and Fenia Vardanis. The Series Producer is Jane O’Brien. Cleverdicks was commissioned by Duncan Gray. The series will exclusively air on Sky Atlantic HD and Sky Atlantic in early 2012, and is filmed entirely in Sky Studios.

Cleverdicks is part of Sky’s commitment to increase its investment in original British content by 50% over the next three years. By 2014, Sky expects to invest £600 million a year in British programmes across its portfolio of channels. This commitment follows the success of home-grown content such as entertainment hits Got to Dance, An Idiot Abroad and A League of their Own, dramas such as Strike Back and Mad Dogs, comedies such as Trollied and This is Jinsy, and factual shows such as Ross Kemp Extreme World and the BAFTA-winning documentary Flying Monsters 3D.