Wiped episodes of ITV talent show New Faces discovered

Last year you may recall the search for wiped New Faces episodes. Well some recordings have been found and a host of acts thought to have been wiped forever rediscovered.

 In the 1970s ATV Network wiped many tapes as the cost of storing and buying videotape proved too costly. One of many victims of the wiping policy was the massively popular talent showcase, New Faces.

Fronted by Derek Hobson, an all star judging panel including the likes of Terry Wogan, Tony Hatch, Noele Gordon and Arther Askey would preside over the variety, comedy and music acts presented before them. Last year Lee Elcocks began a one-man search to locate an episode which starred his father. Since then he’s managed to locate currently seven editions which had all previously been erased.

After we ran the story on Lee’s search we were inundated with acts from New Faces looking for information as to weather their performances survived. Unfortunately many didn’t, but now we’re pleased to list the acts from a couple of editions Lee has found.
The first New Faces discovered is from January 20th 1977
The judging panel of Tony Blackburn, Shaw Taylor, Bridie Reid and Jack Parnell.
The performing talent acts were:
Brass tax (band)
Kanada (band)
Anne Salini (singer)
Chuck Ford (Banjo player)
Chas Martin (Comedian)
Sprinkler (Band)
The second episode found is believed to be the ‘All Winners New Faces Special 1977
The judging panel was Jack Parnell, Muriel Young, Geoff Love and George Elrick.
The acts were:
Quinn (band)
Tricia Parnell (singer)
Lynch and lawson (Band)
Dave Curtis (Singer)
Graham Jolley (mindreader act)
Birth (Band)
Gillian Burns (singer)
Christy Lee (Drummer)
Kite (Band)
Third edition recovered is Christmas Eve All Winners Show, from 1977
Panel of judges were Tony hatch, Terry Wogan, Bridie Reid and Shaw Taylor
This edition’s contestants were:
Annie Bright (Singer)
Flash (Band)
Stella starr (Singer)
Terry McCann (singer)
Cherry Rowland (singer)
Poacher (band)
Star guest – Ian “Sludge” Lee’s
The tapes have been returned to ITV Studios, however if you were part of any of the acts listed above and would like more information you can email Lee here.