Channel 4 confirms ninth season of Shameless

Shameless SetChannel 4 has confirmed it has ordered a ninth season of its comedy drama Shameless – a further 22 episodes are currently in production.

Shameless is currently filming in the not so green and pleasant pasture that is the rebooted Chatsworth Estate. Returning with 22 episodes in the New Year on Channel 4, 2012 sees all the regular Chatsworthians return plus a few new faces; post banking crisis, mid-recession, abandoned by Council and Government alike; this is the Rise of the Underbelly – this is Shameless seceding from Society. You are now entering Free Chatsworth.

Some sexy new characters are found living in the close knit community: feisty siblings Gloria (Angeline Ball – The Commitments, Any Time Now, Bloom, EastEnders) and Dominic Meak (Stephen Lord – Route Irish, Phone Shop, Casualty, EastEnders ). She’s a hairdresser working out of her front room on the Chatsworth and he’s a very lapsed Catholic priest on “sabbatical” – they cause moral mayhem as well as bringing their own pretty damaged past to the estate.

Then there’s 21 year old Ruby Hepburn (Kari Corbett – feature film You Instead,The Royal, Monarch of the Glen) – a post Lads Mag ball of trouble, a Maguire niece and a fiery Celt, joining the Maguire household. Not to mention the smiling face of Frank’s (David Threlfall) new running mate Terry, a little terrapin, who lives in his pocket.

The series starts with a multi agency swoop on the Estate, when ruthless project consultant Carmen Kenaway (Morwenna Banks – Skins, Peppa Pig) and her toxic side kick Feeney (Judy Flynn – The Brittas Empire, Peppa Pig ) hit on the estate, embarking on a long term strategy to make the Chatsworth an urban wasteland.

The Gallaghers (and half the estate) are evicted from their homes. But the Chatsworthians continue to be comrades-in-arms, socially irresponsible and outrageous in their everyday roller coaster lives. The Maguires embrace freeganism, and make money from what corporate bodies discard. Avril Powell (Karen Bryson) uses her new job in a pharmacy to become the local supplier of prescription drugs. Micky Maguire (Ciaran Griffiths) is gay bashed. Shane Maguire (Nicky Evans) develops a taste for smoking Kanda (addictive dried cow shit).

The marriage of Karen and Jamie Maguire (Rebecca Atkinson and Aaron McCusker) is put under pressure when they are both tempted to stray and when Jamie is stabbed by corrupt copper Brooksy (Steve Evets – Looking For Eric). Young Aidan Croker (Robbie Conway) is a horrified bystander when his teacher is raped. Kelly (Sally Carman) and Marty (Jack Deam) are expecting but their life takes a very dark turn. Mimi Maguire (Tina Malone) and her new husband Billy (Michael Taylor) embark on an open relationship.

Lillian Tyler (Alice Barry) fluffs and smothers clients in a unique take on euthanasia. And Carl Gallagher (Elliott Tittensor) grows up, becomes a policeman and meets a (Amy Beth Hayes – Sirens, Case Sensitive ) who finally, properly steals his heart…….

The world of Shameless is warm, compelling, mischievous and celebratory; it’s dark, it’s sexy and always gut achingly funny.