Sky Atlantic will be Enlightened with humour from HBO

A new 10-part comedy series, Enlightened, starring Laura Dern will air from December.

Dern appears in the HBO production as high-flying LA executive Amy Jellicoe, and co-stars Luke Wilson as Amy’s drug-addicted ex-husband Levi and Diane Ladd – Dern’s real-life mother – as Amy’s disapproving mother Helen.

Described by Sky as an ‘offbeat half-hour comedy series’ the programme is written by Mike White who will be best known for School Of Rock.

White says of the show, There are so many anti-heroes populating TV series right now, I wanted to do a show about someone who is dysfunctional and far from perfect, but whose impulse is to do good and try to be the best person she can. Amy is living a very ordinary life, but her relentless drive to make her world better makes her unique – and in a way, dangerous.”

The Sky publicity for the series tells us that Amy is driven, successful and yet self-destructive, she is at the top of her game as a health and beauty exec when a bad relationship sends her career, and her mental health, into a tailspin. Following a very public meltdown at the office, Jellico checks into a Hawaiian holistic treatment centre where she discovers her “true inner voice” and leaves determined to rebuild her fractured life… even if her new enlightenment annoys and threatens everyone around her.

At a reemployment meeting with Abaddonn Industries’ HR team Amy innocently enthuses:Wouldn’t you rather be working for a place that’s giving back to the world instead of some corporate parasite that’s raping the land and people and, like, drugging America’s kids?

Sky Atlantic promise the show to be ‘an absorbing blend of comedy and drama.’ Something ITV has struggled for years to find.