BBC Executive accused of showing complete and utter contempt towards employees

The corporations director general Mark Thompson was accused of showing a lack of regard towards BBC staff after making comments that no one was forcing them to work for the broadcaster.

Its reported that yesterday, while on a tour of the BBC’s HQ in Northern Ireland, Thompson was asked about the massive job cuts at the Beeb due to a licence fee freeze, which has lead to plans to save £670 million a year, he allegedly responded with “If you’re really that unhappy. If you think that you can’t do your best work here then leave, no one is forcing you to stay.”

For decades the BBC held the view that they could frivolously spend, spend spend the licence fee, and when they needed more they’d simply ask for a fee increase. However in recent times the public have been increasingly unhappy with the amount of careless spending, waste and ridiculous costly and often unneeded ventures the BBC has undertaken. Now, Thomson is cutting front line broadcast services, some would suggest to kick up a public fuss about the licence freeze and attempt to prove the government wrong on not allowing an increase.

The latest comment has done nothing to improve Thompsons image with the public nor the BBC staff. A spokesperson for the National Union of Journalists says: “Mark Thompson showed his complete and utter contempt for his staff.

“It shows just how little he values all the hardworking loyal and talented staff who are the lifeblood of the BBC’s work. It’s BBC staff who are standing up for quality journalism and for the future of the corporation they are passionate about serving.

“For Mark Thompson to turn his ire on our members, at a time when the BBC is under unprecedented attack and needs strong leadership, calls into question his own position. Perhaps it’s about time he moved on – after all, no one’s forcing him to stay.”

Staff at the corporation described Mark Thompson’s stance as “disgraceful” and “insulting”.