Jamie Bamber heading to House

Jamie BamberBattlestar Galactica actor is to guest star in House.

TVLine reports the actor will appear in an episode in November as a man who ‘suddenly collapses’ and as the team diagnose his systems they discover he has been hiding a dark secret. According to TVLine his character’s confession about his previous wrongdoings comprises his chance of medical treatment.

In August it was revealed that Bamber had signed up to appear in at least two episodes of new TNT drama Perception. The series, starring former Will and Grace actor Erin McCormack, revolves around an ‘eccentric neuroscientist’ who helps the FBI solve complex cases. The actor is also due to guest star in an episode of CSI: Miami and well as Ron Moore’s new drama 17th Precinct reuniting him with former Battlestar co-stars Tricia Helfer and James Callis.