Big Brother nomination results revealed

Anton and Jay received the most votes during the sixth round of nominations, but a twist this week could see them becoming safe.

On Monday the nine housemates nominated, including Jem who is allowed to nominate and be nominated this week since her arrival. Anton (pictured) received the most votes with six nominations followed by Jay who received four. In the evening Big Brother told the housemates that both Anton and Jay had to pack their suitcases as they were being evicted.

For the ‘Supernatural Activity’ task, Anton and Jay have moved into their new home ‘the crypt’ where they will live as ghouls and watch their housemates continuing life without them. The remaining housemates have been told that the pair have been evicted, but all have worked out that they must be ‘next door’. The two ‘ghouls’ will be given tasks which they have to complete. Big Brother has said that if they complete their challenge successfully they might have the chance to change the nominations.