ITV's Betty Driver tribute watched by over 4 million viewers

Betty DriverOver 4 million viewers watched The Betty Driver Story last night which was aired as a tribute to the Coronation Street actress who died at the weekend. Elsewhere on Monday evening Terra Nova continued to deliver audiences to Sky One as did Doc Martin to ITV1.

The Betty Driver Story, originally aired earlier this year but repeated last night following the death of the actress, was seen by 4.2 million viewers at 8pm. The repeat was a last minute schedule change by ITV1 and was broadcast between the two Monday editions of Coronation Street. At 9pm on the broadcaster Doc Martin continued to deliver big audiences as 8.8 million viewers tuned in. A further 280,000 watched an hour later via the time-shift channel giving the Martin Clunes comedy drama a combined audience of roughly 9 million.

At 8pm on Sky One Steven Spielberg’s new dino-drama Terra Nova continued its strong performance with an impressive 830,000 viewers. The time-travelling drama has performed consistently well for the broadcaster since its premier last month. Elsewhere last night University Challenge had 2.9 million viewers at 8pm on BBC Two followed by Home Cooking Made Easy with 2 million viewers.. At 9pm the Origin of Us had 1.7 million viewers. Over on Channel Four Brave New World with Stephen Hawking was seen by 1 million viewers with Embarrassing Bodies at 9pm watched by 1.7 million.

Channel Five’s best audience of the night was for The Hotel Inspector at 9pm which entertained 1.3 million viewers while Big Brother at 10pm had 1.2 million viewers.