Big Brother: Four housemates face eviction following twist

Anton, Harry, Jay and Jem will face the public vote this week following the ‘supernatural’ twist which had angered some viewers.

On Monday, he housemates nominated for the sixth time with Anton and Jay receiving the most nominations. Later they were told that they had been ‘evicted’, but were put into a secret room where they become ‘ghosts’ and took part in this week’s shopping task to make the rest of the housemates scream more than three times. After completing this, they had to choose the most entertaining housemates who would then be attending the film premier of ‘Paranormal Activity 3’.

Once the event had finished, and the likes of Katie Price and Dane Bowers had left the house, Anton and Jay were re-introduced back into the main house. Big Brother informed them they had to choose a housemate each to join them up for eviction. Anton chose Jem, and Jay chose Harry. Fans of the show took to Facebook and Twitter, annoyed that Big Brother was ‘tampering’ with the nominations, fearing that Jay and Anton would replace themselves.

This Friday, either Anton, Harry, Jay or Jem will be evicted.