Just A Minute returns to television, on BBC Two

A touch of Déjà vu for UK viewers as Just A Minute returns once more for a further television series, to mark the Radio 4 programme’s 45th anniversary next year.

BBC Two has commissioned ten half-hour episodes, to air daily over two weeks in the daytime schedules, as part of the celebrations to mark four and a half decades since its launch in 1967.

Nicholas Parsons, famous for Anglia Television’s game show, Sale Of The Century, has presented the radio series since its launch and also two never-transmitted pilots for television made in 1969 and 1981. Excerpts from these have however seen clips broadcast within documentaries.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that television actually finally got round to airing the format, first in 1994 when Carlton Television and Mike Mansfield TV co-produced two series for the ITV London region. It returned once more on the BBC in 1999 for a series of 20 episodes, but none of the visual versions have proved to be as successful as the radio production.

The format of the show is a “Simple but skilful panel game where celebrities have to talk on a given topic without hesitation, repetition or deviation. It is heavily based on the 1951 BBC radio format One Minute Please.

“Breaking any one of these rules allows one of your three opponents to challenge and, if a correct challenge is made, you get the topic for the remainder of the minute. You pick up one point for each correct challenge, and a bonus point if you’re the person still speaking when the whistle blows at the end of the minute.” Says ukgameshows.com

Nicholas Parsons will return to face the cameras for this latest revival which is to be recorded at the BBC’s Television Centre next month.