Prime Minister David Cameron reassures newspaper industry

Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken at the Newspaper Society promising that the Leveson inquiry will not erode free press in the UK.

Speaking at the annual lunch held at the House of Commons earlier today, Cameron told those attending that the inquiry into the practices of the newspaper industry will not effect their freedoms to investigate and report, nor will it be a chance for MPs to enact revenge on the press.

“I am passionate about not just a free press but a press that feels free to inquire. I don’t want anything to stop that. I don’t want MPs to use the Leveson inquiry as an avenue for revenge for the expenses saga.” –  PM David Cameron speaking earlier today.

The Leveson inquiry was set up by the government to look into the culture, practices and ethics of the press following the phone hacking scandal, which seen the closure of News of the World Sunday newspaper in July. The panel is led by the chairman Lord Justice Leveson sitting alongside Channel 4 News reporter Elinor Goodman and  human rights campaigner Shami Chakrabrti among other distinguished figures.